Friday, June 7, 2013

Post #3 - Our Engagement!

In my last blog, I said that God revealed to me that Michelle was the woman he chose for me. While, I don’t believe in the concept of the “one for me” idea per se, it seems that God had a specific one for me. "I would counsel people that while God has a good plan for us and puts people in our lives, we still have the choice to reject His plan." In our case, both of us felt peace about our relationship and moved forward. After the second date Michelle and I began to meet together regularly and talk on the phone daily.
There was a gap between our second date and the time I was to depart again for Lee University to attend the fall semester. It was during this gap I made my move; I asked Michelle to marry me and she said yes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to buy the engagement ring at the time. I had to wait two months before I was able to officially propose, but the verbal agreement was all we needed. After all, we were in love.
This was a commitment I didn’t take lightly. Through the years I witnessed the pain of divorce and the havoc it caused on spouses and kids. I determined not to suffer the same experience as many of my friends and family did. So in order to not follow in their shoes, Michelle and I worked through three pre-marital workbooks that prepared couples for marriage and participated in six sessions of premarital counseling with our pastor. While such a preparation regiment is not iron-clad protection from future marriage problems, it did set for us a wonderful foundation on which to build.
The courtship would continue on for several months. I would leave college and move back to Terre Haute to marry Michelle.
More to come tomorrow!

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